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This forum is magically energized for the 3 categories of Money, Sex and the Metaphysical. Write, whatever it is you want for your manifestation, under the appropiate headings for your manifestation.
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 Free Money Transfer Disk for Forum Members

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PostSubject: Free Money Transfer Disk for Forum Members   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:38 am

I've created a transfer disk for the forum section on money, so that you can etherically link to all your posts 24/7. You can print it out, carry it around with you, put it on your cellphone, etc.

I will be re-energizing it and creating new etheric pathways in it, between the forum and the money transfer disk, everyday. This will lead to new manifestation powers for the forum member and give him or herself, a constant connection to the energy of their posted manifestation continously, wherever they are.

You don't need to reprint out constant copies, as your original copy will get infused with all additional energies, as I re-energize this original transfer disk, posted below.

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Free Money Transfer Disk for Forum Members
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